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The Making of: Princess Peach Re-textured

The Super Mario characters look great, but they are a little plain. Ever wondered how Mushroom Kingdom pin-up Princess Peach would look if she were more realistically textured?

See how I applied realistic textures to Princess Peach in Photoshop.

The textures were comprised of a number of different stock photo's, which you can see below.

Crucial in the texturing of Princess Peach was a stock photo by faestock, which provided the facial features and dress fabric.

A set of black hair textures by Kxhara were turned blonde by using the Color Balance sliders to give it a yellow tint, and then using Curves adjustments to lighten the hair whilst maintaining contrast. A similar technique was used to turn the metal texture from cgtextures gold, which I would use to texture the crown.

First of all I took the image of Princess Peach and desaturated it, then I used content-aware fill to remove all her facial features.

I duplicated the layer, and changed the top layer's blending mode to Hard light, and the bottom one to Overlay at 60% Opacity. Both these layers would now provide the shading for the textures.

Next I began to out sections from the stock photos, then paste them under the shading layers. I used the Warp Tool to shape them, and then used a layer mask to erase the overlapping edges.

With all the textures applied, I then grouped all the layers together, duplicated the group, and merged the duplicate.

Next I added a new layer above the merged layer, and filled it with 50% grey, and gave it a clipping mask.

In this layer I used the Dodge and Burn tools to add highlights and shadows respectively, thus enhancing the shading of the whole image.

And finally, to create the shadow, I duplicated the merged layer and used the Threshold slider to blacken it, then changed it's blending mode to Soft light.

I then used the Perspective transform tool to distort it, then scaled it down vertically.

Below all the other layers I added a gradient adjustment layer for the background.

And here's the final result.

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