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Glowing Vortex

1. Start with a new document, 300x300 pixels and a white background.

2. Press D to reset your colour palette.

3. Apply Filter > Render > Difference Clouds until you get something nice. After the first time, just press Ctrl + F to reapply it. I did it 10 times and ended up with this.

4. Use Filter > Blur > Radial Blur with Amount: 35; Blur Method: Zoom; Quality: Good.

5. Now apply Filter > Brush Strokes > Sprayed Strokes. I set Stroke Length to 10; Spray Radius to 20; and Direction to Right Diagonal. Feel free to change some settings in this step though.

6. Use Filter > Distort > Twirl with an angle of 200.

7. Create a new Layer.

8. Add some more clouds, Filter > Render > Clouds.

9. Use Filter > Distort > Ocean Ripple with a Size of 9 and a Magnitude of 9.

10. Add a Lens Flare to the middle of your image by using Filter > Render > Lens Flare. Set brightness to around 120% and use 105nm Prime Lens.

11. Press Ctrl + L to bring up the Levels dialogue and select Auto to darken your image a little.

12. For the top layer with the Lens Flare and the clouds, set the Blending Mode to Colour Dodge.

13. Finally, give your image some colour. Press Ctrl + U, and make sure the Colourize box is checked. I used Hue: 182; Saturation: 25; and Lightness -8. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Here is my final...

Glowing Vortex

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