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In the domaining business, when you can sell domain names to end users, it is a dream come true. End-users pay more for domains because they are not looking to resell the domain names. They want to use the names for their own businesses.

Of course, business owners want to pay the least for good names, but again, what they are willing to pay is usually more than what the average domain reseller is looking to buy that name for.

The trick of course is to be able to contact end users, getting them to see the value in the names being offered and then getting them to buy it. This is easier said that done.

If you are a big name in the domaining business and have a good network, endusers would more likely seek you out. If you are new to domaining, you are going to have to graft to find end users to sell domains to.Sell Domain Names To End Users Successfully

There is a way to do that - but truth be told, it is very time intensive. And there is no guarantee of quick success - you'll have to be prepared to try more than once.

This method to sell domains involves contacting business owners via mail and/or fax with information about your name for sale. Here is what you do.

1. Compile a list of prospective business owners that your domain might appeal to. So if you are selling a name about glass windows - put the term "glass windows" in Google and note the businesses that come up.

You could also use Alexa dotcom or Keywordspy dotcom to locate businesses.

Make a note of the businesses with bad domain names. Check their websites for a mailing address or fax number.

Whatever method you use to find potential business to contact, don't bother to contact large business with high page rank or high trafficked websites unless the name you have is highly generic. These businesses are not likely to be interested in your domain.

2. After you get the address or fax numbers, contact the companies about your domain.

Some people advocate just sending a simple letter or fax saying the domain is for sale, how much it is and how the seller can be contacted. Others advocate sending all that info plus the advantages to the business of owning that domain.

Although I prefer the latter approach, test different variations to see what works best.

3. In your message, I would list your real name, address, fax and telephone number. I would also list your professional email and website if you have one.

Also, try to personalize the message as much as possible rather than sending a canned message that sounds like you have sent it to a 100 other people.

Don't ignore the most important aspect of all of this - having a good domain name to sell in the first place

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