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  Site Maintenance (2434 materials)

Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance

What to Look for in Your Web Hosting Company

Your web hosting company is the oft-overlooked aspect of your website. Even so, your website lives and dies by the dependability of your web hosting company, so it pays to invest a fair amount of time in picking and choosing among the possibilities out there. Two of the biggest web hosts out there are Bluehost and GoDaddy.

Here's Why Neglecting Web Design Can Limit Your Search Engine Visibility

2014 could be the year when your website finally attracts eyeballs of search engine readers, and loads of them, but how far it can reach in terms of numbers depends on multitude of factors, including web design.

The Most Vital Domain Name Registration Tips You'll Ever Read

Registering a domain name that works for you these days can be an uphill climb. After all, by some estimates, there are actually more than 10,000 domain name registrations a day!

The Most Informative Web Site Hosting Tips You Can't Miss

Let's face it: Effective and good hosting is exceptionally vital to any website. After all, it is the basis of your web site. Just think of it this way: If your web site experiences server downtime, it will have dreadful consequences. Your business and brand could well suffer irremediable damage, which is very costly if you've been painstakingly building your brand for a number of years! If you're a professional who's serious about his website, then you must ensure it's in good hands.

What Subscription Widgets/Plugins Work Best for Converting Readers Into Subscribers

Anyone who's been blogging for a substantial length of time can tell you how important it is to have a large and flourishing e-mail list. Most website owners use daily traffic as the main metric of a site's success, but there are other factors you should consider.

SEO for Designers: Moz Review

In this day and age, being a web designer means that you are also supposed to wrap your head around SEO. But no panic! There are lots of tools out there that make the whole shebang just a snap.

Superb Servers Dedicated Hosting Rocks Competition

Looking for high quality server rental solutions takes due diligence and research so you understand what's included in the majority of dedicated server bundles.

Top Design Tips to Boost Traffic of Your Website

Find some design tips to boost traffic of your website

How to Build Link Popularity For the New Year

When it comes to building links to your website, it can be a time consuming and terribly frustrating process. As confusing as link building can be, it must play an integral part in your search engine optimization quest if your site is to remain relevant by achieving higher search engine rankings.

How to Effectively Track WordPress Outbound Links Internally

Learn how to effectively track WordPress outbound links internally