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Why You Should Have Your Own Domain NameThere are many services on the web where you can create your own web site and host it for free. That may be fine for a personal page, but if you have a business or service that you want to provide, a free web site just may not be the way you want to go for a multitude of reasons. We are going to take a look at why you should have your own domain name.

A Little Background

A domain name is the web site address of your business that is easy to memorize. Just like you would have a street address in the physical world, you have a web address in the digital world. That web address is how people will find your business or service and without it you could not exist on the web. Most domain names are typically formatted like this:, but good .com names are getting hard to come by so you may see or instead. Less common "dots" are .info, .biz, .us, .tv and .mobi. What is really behind a domain name is a numeric IP Address in the form of each number separated by the dots can range from 0 to 255. Can you imagine telling your customer to go to to see your latest products? It becomes obvious the importance of domain names that can be remembered.

Why is it Important to Have Your Own Domain Name?

There are many reason why you should have a domain name if you are planning to have a successful business on the web.

1. It gives your business its own identity on the web. Your web address can be a valuable brand name for you. You want people to remember your web address and use in on a regular basis.

2. It protects your name from other competitors using your it. You don't want some one else registering a domain name that is the same as your business name risking the infringement of your products or service. Registering your domain name protects your identity from others.

3. It makes it is easier for people to find and remember you. Here is a real example, is certainly easier to remember than the numeric equivalent

4. Advertising your own domain name in printed media has a more professional look. Your letterhead or brochures will look much more professional using your own domain name vs. the name of a free web hosting service.

5. Having your own domain name with related keywords helps your ranking on search engines. The results of better ranking means a better position in the search results and possibly more customers.

6. Once you own a domain name, you can own it forever. You only have to maintain a small annual registration fee.

7. You can use your domain name to host your email address. When communicating through e-mail, it is more professional to have an e-mail address like [email protected] or [email protected] than [email protected]

8. Owning your domain name gives your web site credibility. If you are running a business on the web, having a domain name will give your visitors a sense of legitimacy and that you are not some fly-by-night operation.


If you are serious about have a professional presence of the web, then you should be serious about getting your own domain name and your customers will take you more seriously. Listed above are the primary reasons to get your own domain name and the theme that emerges is professionalism.

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