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For layouts replace tables by complete CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) design

A CSS design of layouts ensures display of the main content nearest to the top of a page without usage of hacks. By using CSS design it is possible to segregate a page’s structure from its appearance. Further, CSS allows faster loading of pages as it does not involve additional codes. It is also possible to change fonts across a complete site all at once Through CSS. Web content accessibility by using various devices is enhanced by CSS.

Flash for your Website

Search engines fail to index ‘Flash’ pages in all practicalities. According to Google guidelines, though it is possible to process PDF and HTML files crawling and indexing of ‘Flash’ files are difficult. To evade this process many websites use dual versions: one for search engine and the other for visitors. However, this being unwarranted many sites were banned among which a renowned Spanish hotel chain was included.

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As a solution to this problem, one HTML version and another Flash version are to be created for a complete Flash Website with the Flash version blocked to crawlers.

Study behaviour of Search Engine on your Web page

It is vital to make the main content of your page appear as nearer to the top as possible. Main content nearer to the top assures better behaviour by a search engine for your web page. A text based browser like Lynx may be used for studying such behavioural patterns. For instance, if actual content of a Website begins from page 5 as per Lynx, its ranking would be low for search rankings.

As per Google Guidelines if fancy features like Flash, JavaScript, DHTML, session IDs, cookies, and frames prevent viewing a site using a text browser, then search engine spiders might be troubled by crawling through this site. The following is a screenshot of a site under Firefox, a normal browser, with marked out blocks.

Accurate and Descriptive Titles and Alt tags

It is to be made certain that titles are accurate to the extent that they clearly specify page contents. Images with Alt tags also need to be accurate and descriptive. However care should be taken of using specific words related to the content instead of phrases. Repetition of words must be avoided.

Content Management System

In the event your site is utilizing a content management system it would carry ‘?’ in its URL.For instance under Joomla, a typical URL would be http://<NameOfDomain>/index.php?option=com_content&id=14&task=view&itemid=28

Proper indexing necessitates that parameters are to be restricted to a maximum of three. Caution must be taken of not having multiple URLs for the same web page. An extension might be installed to make URLs both visitor and search engine friendly. Every page should have a different title and description. In case same title is unavoidable for different pages then using content management system is the only available option.

CSS and World Wide Web Consortium Compliance validated XHTML

A World Wide Web Consortium compliant site is free from any effects on search engine rankings. However, its compliancy helps in it being accessed by all devices having internet access including mobile gadgets. As the main objective of a web page is to address as many viewers as possible a W3C compliant helps achieve that.


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