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Draw 3d earth CorelDraw Feb 20, 2009

Step 1

First in new open document draw circle,

image 1

Step 2

Color him in Fountain Fill like in picture.

image 2

Step 3

Duplicate same layer.

image 3

Step 4

Draw shape like in picture, select together with duplicate circle layer and use Trim option.

image 4

Step 5

Now Duplicated layer fill in Fountain Fill.

image 5

Step 6

Again repeat same like in steps 3, 4, 5. Just this time do with different shape.

Remember for the future steps, this layer we will call Layer 3.

image 6

Step 7

Color him like in picture.

image 7

Step 8

Now draw some continents shape. U can use some picture and draw araund the edge. This is something you must get.

image 8

Step 9

Use extrude Tool and make 3d effect.

image 9

Step 10

With right click on your mouse select Break Extrude Groupe Apart.

image 10

Step 11

Ok. Duplicate Layer 3. Order him to Front of page.

Select Layer 3 with layer off continent shape and use Intersect option.

image 11

Step 12

This u must get.

image 12

Step 13

Now color him in Fountain Fill.

image 13

Step 14

Go back to continent layer and color him to.

image 14

Step 15

Select 3D object under the continent layer and use again Fountain FIll for him.

image 15

Step 16

This is what we get. Now Duplicate all objects togheter to the bottom.

image 16

Step 17

In Effect>Adjust use Brightnes/Contrast cheme like in picture.

image 17

Step 18

We going to finish this. Draw object for bacground.

image 18

Step 19

Color them.

image 19

Step 20

Select First layer of tutorial and give him Drop Shadow effect.

image 20

Step 21

Break Drop Shadow Group Apart.

image 21

Step 22

Select only shadow and pull down.

image 22

Step 23

Final 3D Earth

Draw 3D Earth

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