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Fit Text To Path

Atul Thakur CorelDraw Jan 21, 2005

1. Open Corel DRAW. Select Ellipse Tool. Press Ctrl and draw the circle.
Type the text using Text Tool.

image 1

2. Select the text with pick Tool.

Text > Fit Text To Path

Select the circle as a path with the pointer.

image 2

3. Select the Effect properly again to get the options of Fit Text To Path on Property Bar.

image 3

3. There is an option of "Distance from Path" on the property bar (Green marked). Increase the value to increase the distance between text & path.

image 4

4. Arrange > Break Text Apart

5. This will detach the path from the text keeping the text in circular manner and the path is again ready for another text.

6. Type the text and apply Fit Text to Path.

7. This time take the text at the bottom of the circle using Text Placement (Red Marked) and invert it by pressing Place on Other Side (Orange Marked.)

image 5

7. Iincrease the distance using Distance from Path.

Fit Text To Path

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