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Making Stamp in Vector (Exclusive Tutorial)

Azure CorelDraw Apr 27, 2005

You will probably have noticed how popular "Grunge-style" templates are at Web Design Library Shop . Effects peculiar to this style are easily created in raster graphics (for example, in Adobe Photoshop), but I will show you how to do this in "Corel Draw 9".

To begin this task, choose "Text Tool" found in the "Toolbox" panel

and type the word "STAMP".

image 1

Then using the "Rectangle Tool", which is located in the "Toolbox" panel

draw a rectangle.

image 2

This is still unfinished, so at this stage it's easy to round the corners. To do this, click on any corner point and holding the left mouse button, move the cursor inside the rectangle. Then using the "Outline Tool" which is located in the "Toolbox" panel, set lines at the required thickness and striking a combination of keystrokes "Ctrl+Shift+Q" transform line property in the object; then make all edges curved.

image 3

Now we have a half-finished object, but it is too soon to break and have coffee – because the interesting part has just begun. All that is needed now is the "Eraser Tool".

It can be found it in the "Toolbox" panel or can be called using hotkey "X". The tool works in the following way: 1) clicking along the image while holding the left mouse button, randomly cut off pieces of the image; 2) Click along the edge of the image, making a beginning point for the tool – the clicks of the mouse denote the final points and all parts of the image that lie in the path of the mouse will be unmercifully broken (I suggest that during this process you do not release the "Ctrl" key, as it will relieve you of the necessity to select the object each time that you miss). Look what I got.

image 4

You think that this is painstaking work? It isn’t. To achieve the desired effect you should use only the "Eraser Tool" at a fixed size. The trick is that when determining the path of your "Eraser Tool" the lines of the image voluntarily deform. So, in cutting off bits of the drawing the effect of a stamp may be achieved. Now, once again choose "Eraser Tool" (this time, one of a smaller size), and cut off pieces of the lines in the image.

image 5

The final step – select the "Interactive Transparency Tool" found in the "Toolbox" panel.

It works in the following way: part of the object on which you click becomes visible, while the other part under the cursor becomes invisible. So parts of the image seem irregularly filled with color. Break the picture into segments by clicking a combination of keys "Ctrl+K" and apply the "Interactive Transparency Tool" for each segment.

image 6


Azure Azure

Hello. My name is Azure Blount. I was born August 20, 1980. I am a designer by profession, and an artist by disposition. I have been working as a professional in the field of graphics for nearly five years, two of which have been at Template Monster. While I have been interested in animals since childhood, I have recently developed an interest in the mystical and abstract, and this certainly influences my work.

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