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Using Shape Tool

Atul Thakur CorelDraw Jan 21, 2005

1. Open Corel DRAW. Select Bezier Tool and draw the following shape.

image 1

2. Select the Shape tool and select all three points by dragging shape tool around the shape

image 2

3. Click Convert Line To Curves from Property bar which is activated after selecting shape tool.

image 3

4. Select top left point using shape tool and click Make Node Symmetrical from Property bar. Edit the nodes using the available options and make the proper half portion of the heart shape.

image 4

5. Select Pick Tool.

Arrange > Transformations > Scale

Scale & Mirror > Mirror ( H for Horizontal )

Apply to Duplicate.

image 5

6. Position the other half carefully to make a proper shape.

image 6

7. Select both the shapes using Pick Tool.

Arrange > Combine

image 7

8. Using Shape Tool, select top open points by dragging the Shape Tool around the points.

image 8

9. Click Join Two Nodes from Property bar.

image 9

10. Repeat the procedure for bottom nodes which are not joined.

image 10

11. Fill the shape with desired color.

Using Shape Tool

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