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  Basics Templates & Tuning (107 materials)

Showcase of New Joomla Templates

Please welcome the Joomla templates - so beautiful and dynamic, all at your service!

Large Photo Background Websites

Web design inspiration is always helpful, because looking at the creative works of others you can find your own creativity. Large photos are becoming increasingly popular in web design, particularly acting as a background of a website.

CSS Templates: Freebies, Tutorials and Useful Tools

The very informative resource will be of a great use for your creative working process, being able to answer all your questions and to increase your CSS knowledge level.

50+ Christmas Icons and Templates

Below you can find cool collection of inspiring Christmas icons and templates.

10 Fresh & Awesome Business Templates

I would like to offer you 10 Business templates that differ in their design, styles and usage purpose, but you will surely like them. They are made with the implementation of a wide color range - from grey and restrained colors to fresh green and rich violet, being able to meet various demands and requirements and to reflect your business nature in a proper way.

Showcase of Stunning Thanksgiving day Tutorials, Templates ans Illustrations

Thanksgiving is approaching and what can be better than to celebrate this American autumn holiday with Thanksgiving tutorials, illustrations and templates for your website or blog!

Paper Style in Web design

Today we will talk about Paper style in Web design. Usually designers use this style to create information and news portals.

Facebook Templates for Your Inspiration

You will find here useful and different because of their styles and purposes 15 Premium Facebook Templates that will be of a great help for your web site creation, being able to offer you ready images and creative godsends.

Round-up of Halloween Pumpkins and Templates

Halloween is almost here! Let's celebrate!

+25 Awesome Green Websites and Templates

In this showcase you will find 25 beautiful and inspiring green designs. Green for most of us is associated with nature, ecology and life. But in this showcase you will be able to see a lot of green designs unrelated with mentioned associations