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TypographyTypography is a powerful tool for delivering information to your readers. At the same time, the number of typography mistakes on the Web is huge and not every designer knows how to use it properly.This section will be of a great use if you are a typography maniac or a web design beginner. You'll find here all sorts of information about typeface design, lettering, typography inspiration, typeface reviews, latest typography news, trends and so on. Typography is a soul of design and has a large impact in its effectiveness and appearance, so be careful with typography and learn how to avoid the common mistakes.
Typography is a very important web design skill to learn for a number of reasons. Firstly your clients will need you to be able to convey their core messages clearly on their websites.
Unless you're a design professional you'd probably find yourself very surprised at just how much time, effort and money goes into choosing the perfect font for a particular brand. You'll never find big companies like Coca Cola, IBM, Microsoft or Google opting for a default font, for example. In fact most of these companies have reinvented typography to enhance their own brand awareness.
Typography is an essential part of web design. Here you will learn why and how to be a pro in it.
Superior website typography doesn't happen by accident. Web designers don't just, by happenstance, choose typeface that provides readability, legibility and aesthetic features to site visitors. Rather, typography to write home about takes a lot of planning, decision-making and ruminating on what constitutes great type!
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Ah, typeface, the most important aspect of web design, no matter how you look at it. With 95% of all web design being typography - which only stands to reason when you consider that most of what you consume on the average website is text - you better make sure that your site's typography is breathtaking. This is easier said than done.
Many people believe that typography is the biggest component of web design. They'd be right since much of what's on the web consists of what you read. Therefore, successful web design is always integrated with typography that's so attractive to read that it almost seems to jump right off the screen.
A perfect flyer design should be eye-candy for sure. But! The main goal of every flyer is to make people Do something. Flyer with a strong call to action is the best flyer! That's why typographical flyers so spread today. Words are powerful tool in the capable hands.
Typography makes up the bulk of your website because web content is mainly about reading. Therefore, why not concentrate on making typography as clear, helpful and attractive as possible? It's sad but true that many web designers just neglect typography and view it as something of an afterthought.
Everything you should know about web typography. Getting it right with type drives a strong design and conveys your message more effectively.
Typography is a perfect tool to decorate your blog or site, be sure! But still it is a big challenge for your design skills. It isn't such an easy task to create adorable and readable typography by yourself... in any case, inspiration is a motor of the creative process. Learn more about it in our set of 100 Typography Examples in Web Design