10 Great Tools For Managing UX and Design Projects

No matter how long you've been working in the world of UX there are always new tricks to be learned, and new tools you can use to speed up and improve how you handle the tasks you deal with each day. Let's face facts - there are new tools and solutions coming online every single day, and if you want to stay current it's a good idea that you're aware these tools and apps exist, even if you don't wind up using them very often.

Here's a selection of my favorite UX tools for you to read through, think about and hopefully benefit from.


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If generating or understanding heat maps is a key component of your UX tracking then you'll love the functionality on offer from 'MouseStats' because it can track user mouse movements, keyboard strokes or even how they scroll to interact with your app or website.


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Creating mockups of your app or website is a great way to measure in what ways different groups of users interact with your creations. The neat part of using Solidify to create these mockups is that you can create several different models to test with several different groups, giving you real data to work with during the actual design process later on.


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Tracking mouse movements to generate heat maps is clever, but being able to record a user's facial expressions while using your website or product is even more valuable. Sometimes test groups aren't comfortable giving negative feedback but with 'Silverback' you'll get to see just what they thought of your product, because facial expressions rarely lie.


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Visual thinkers are going to love the "online walls" on offer within Murally. Why? Well because visual thinkers need to be able to see their ideas and concepts take shape in front of them, and with this app every member of your team can organize their ideas and inspirations in one or more online "walls".

Power Mockup

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Sometimes working with brand new UX tools can be a bit of a PITA, so 'Power Mockup' allows you to use the oh-so-familiar interface of Microsoft PowerPoint to create your design prototypes. It comes with everything the technophobe needs to create a great UX, including an entire library of stencils.


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If you intend using a lot of animations in your app then you'll need a tool like Proto.io to help you along. With this software you can animate any aspect of your design, and also choose what user actions will trigger these animations in the first place.


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A very simple drag-and-drop prototyping tool which couldn't be easier to use. Even if you're a raw beginner when it comes to UX design you'll find that Balsamiq makes the entire process as painless as possible.


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If you're already using Basecamp then you're a project management fan, but maybe you want features that go beyond what Basecamp offers. In that case Notism is ideal for designers who can use it to interact directly with the visuals in any given project.


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Making the most of your attempts at creating the best possible user experience is a combination of lots of lateral thinking and practicality. What's equally important is getting direct and focused feedback from your website visitors or product users, and UserVoice streamlines that entire process for you.


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Anyone who's worked with the Scrum model will love what Trello offers any project manager, or member of their team. Trello works very hard to make your life as easy as possible, and makes every aspect of managing a project almost enjoyable - even the task of setting deadlines is made easy.

So it doesn't matter if you're a complete newbie when it comes to UX you'll find at least 2 or 3 tools here which will come in incredibly helpful, or at least I hope so. If you test out any of the above tools or apps let us know by leaving a comment below. Or if you know of a UX design tool or app I didn't mention here (but that you love) then feel free to leave a comment below on that too.

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