2014 Wrap Up - Things We Learned at Web Design Library

These last couple of weeks I've been reflecting on 2014. The year was full of events. We learned a lot and made changes. One of the fundamental changes was the redesign of this blog - it is actually fully responsive now, I hope you've noticed.

Below are the most valuable and interesting things we learned this year.

The Greatest Tools Ever for Superior Website Typography

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Have you ever wondered where the most amazing website typography you've seen came from? Well, it definitely doesn't happen by accident. The readability, legibility and aesthetic features you marvel about are a result of hard work. Here you will find the tools that make this work a lot easier.

Responsive Design: What You Need To Know

web design 2014

Responsive design is not the newest concept in web design. But with the rise of mobile technologies responsive design is rapidly morphing from a trend to a standard in web design. This article will help you learn the basics about responsive design.

Usability Tips for Shopping Sites

web design 2014

Usability is one of the main parts any website has to focus on, but for shopping websites it is crucial. You'll lose customers if there are too many usability issues. Here you'll find 10 tips to help you.

What to Look for in Your Web Hosting Company

web design 2014

Web hosting is often overlooked by website owners and this is really wrong. Your website depends on your web hosting company, you can not let this aspect be a random choice. This post has a list of things you need to check to make the right choice.

6 Skills Web Designers Need to Have

web design 2014

Web design is one of the most popular occupations these days, and it continues to be in demand. If you are learning to be a web designer and even if you already are an experienced designer you'll find this post to be useful. There is a list of the core skills that can help a web designer be more successful.

Web Design Fails

web design 2014

When you learn some new skill you usually look into the best examples of the thing you learn to make, but learning about fails can be fruitful as well. Here you'll find an overview of things that will make a design fail. Learn them and don't make the same mistakes.

Flat Design: Everything You Should Know

web design 2014

Flat design was definitely the most popular trend in web design in 2014 and it will definitely stay the same for 2015. Learn everything you need to know about flat design from this article.

Basic Guide to Typography

web design 2014

Web design is not only about pictures, colors and positioning elements on a page. Typography is one of the essential parts of web design. Here you will learn why it is that way and how to be a pro in it.

Design Snippets to Wow Your Website Visitors

web design 2014

CSS snippets are an awesome way to apply the latest design trends in a matter of minutes. Snippets provided in this post deal with the aesthetics of your website. You'll find a flat menu, a social footer and a login form here.

Glaring UX Mistakes That Drive People Nuts

web design 2014

User experience, or UX, is a vital part of design you absolutely can not overlook. This post describes most common UX mistakes, learn them, never make them and your website will always be a success.

Top Web Design Tools to Die For

web design 2014

Every web designer, a seasoned professional or a newbie, has a list of tools he/she uses every day. This post contains a list of awesome tools that you probably haven't tried yet. I am sure you'll add some of them, if not all, to your list of tools to use with every project.

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