7 Hacks to Improve Your Gaming Website’s Conversion Rate

Do you have a gaming website? Would you like to increase your revenue?

gaming website

A gaming website can be a massive traffic generator as people love playing games. But converting that traffic into paid members can be challenging as it is a super competitive niche. This is why to help you improve your conversion rate and boost revenue, we've shared some hacks that won’t sacrifice the gaming experience.

Display the game on the homepage

80% of website visits are new visits. This is why you need to optimize your website for new visitors. They should be the focus of your website if you want more conversions. One way you can do it is by displaying the game on the home page. Some of the top gaming sites like Solitaire Bliss and Chess.com do this.

People will like that your game is right on the website, and they will play it. If they have a good experience, they will sign up.

Encourage people to sign up

To encourage people to sign up, make sure you place calls to action on the website. These could be buttons that ask them to sign up for an account or popup prompts that inform them about the features of an account. This account that you recommend could be a free or a paid account. I recommend you get them to sign up for a free account and then convince them to get a paid one. This will increase your conversion rate because more people will initially be interested in a free account. You can stay in touch with people who sign up using the email address they use and then get them to check out your paid version.

Reduce image size

When you create landing pages to promote your games, you will be using many images, as showing how the game looks and works are essential when promoting a gaming website. All these images can increase your bandwidth and lower the loading time of the website. This is why I recommend reducing the image sizes without sacrificing quality. You might also want to make sure you use a good hosting service and CDN, as these can improve your loading time. 

Display social proof

If you've been featured on top sites in the gaming niche or any other top sites like ForbesMashable, and Huffington Post that your audience knows about, you should display their logos and let visitors know that you have been featured there. This can boost your credibility instantly and do wonders for your conversion rate. Also displaying testimonials and reviews from customers can help a lot. 

Differentiate yourself

A mistake many business owners make when starting a business is blindly copying everything their competitors are doing. This can help a bit if your competitors are getting great results with the same marketing tactics, but it can also hurt your conversions if your potential customers can see that you are copying them. This is why you should figure out a way to differentiate yourself and position your games and brand differently. So, brainstorm ways to differentiate yourself and implement them. 

Conduct split tests

No matter how perfectly you try to engineer your marketing methods, you probably won't get it right the first time. This is why you should constantly create split tests to create a better version of your website. When you conduct split tests, make sure you only make one small change to the new version at a time because if you make too many changes, you won't know what brought about the positive or negative result. 

Use retargeting ads

Most people won’t convert to customers the first time they visit your website. It takes some time for them to trust you and buy from you. This is why you should have strategies in place to get them to visit again One way to do this is with retargeting ads. These work well on sites like Facebook, Instagram, GDN, and YouTube. You can use the visual nature of these platforms to tease the features your games offer. 


These are some of the top hacks for improving the conversion rate of your gaming website. Implement them today if you want to maximize revenue.

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