9 Reasons Why SEO Matters for Every Startup

Building a Startup can be a really overwhelming task and you may be burdened with tonnes of different duties and strategies to implement. Creating a successful business would require a To-Do list for the most important things to do. If Search Engine Optimization does not fall within the first 5 pointers of your To-Do list, then your strategy is absolutely incorrect, and your business is prone to fail.

What is the point of building a new company if you are not focusing on reaching to the right customers? SEO is a powerful tool which can determine the success and failure of your business hence ignoring it will be the biggest mistake you can make in running your business.

We have listed below 10 reasons why SEO is important for your Startup;

1. SEO Helps in Collecting Customer Behavior and Data for Startups

SEO can help in gathering data and behavior of the users and this is essential for new start-ups as they are not aware of their potential customers at the beginning of a business. SEO tools can help in collecting such data which can help in building a better website targeted to bring in the customers who result in conversions.

2. SEO Results in Higher Conversions

Good SEO can bring in more traffic and hence your conversions will increase and so will your revenue. Instead of focusing on other marketing strategies, focusing on improving the SEO of your website will bring in better results. Choosing the right keyword strategy and high-quality content will result in driving a good amount of organic traffic.

3. SEO Helps You Rank Higher

One of the main reasons you need to work on your SEO is that your website ranks in the first page of google search because statistics have revealed that the majority of people only browse through the sites listed on the first page of Google and ignore further pages. Factors such as on-page optimisation, manual outreach quality and page speed will all have an enormous impact on your ability to rank. If you wish to drive in more potential customers to your site, SEO is important.

4. SEO is a Long-Term Solution

An easy way to rank on the first page of Google is to pay for advertising on it but your site will be displayed on the first page only till you pay Google. As soon as you stop paying, your site will rank lower again. PPC campaigns are great but it is not permanent whereas SEO ranking is long lasting hence establishing yourself as a top-quality website to rank higher can make your website rank on the first few pages of the google search for a long-long time.

5. SEO Increases Organic Search

If you dig into your website analytics, you will notice that maximum conversions happen from the organic traffic hence focusing on bringing in more such traffic is essential to improve your revenues.

6. SEO Builds Brand Value

A startup needs to create a brand image and good SEO can help in doing that for your brand. Ranking high will make sure that your potential customers develop more confidence about your brand and converse about it increasing your organic traffic.

SEO helps in building a highly ranked, clean, simple and accessible website with good quality content hence your users will trust the site more and this will improve your brand value.

7. Good SEO Improves User Experience

Improving your website SEO means following the standard On-Page SEO practices such as quality website content, a simple design 508 compliance website (Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act), optimal keyword usage and image optimization. This makes your site user-friendly and improves their experience hence your users will trust your brand more.

8. SEO is Never the Same

SEO practices are not the same always as Google keeps updating its algorithms very often hence to be aware of the latest updates and to constantly update the site to work with the latest algorithm update is really important for your startup to grow.

9. SEO is Free

Marketing can be a costly affair, but SEO is mostly free. The best part is that though it is free, its results are better than any other marketing strategy hence it should be on your priority list.

SEO is a low investment tactic which results in high results hence do not ignore it. Prioritize SEO on your brand strategy roadmap to make sure that your company takes off well resulting in good revenues.

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