Miscellaneous Creating a Blog With Visual Appeal

Creating a Blog With Visual Appeal

One of the most difficult parts of running a quality blog today is making sure it appeals visually. While in the past we used to be able to get by with reams and reams of text, today people want a bit more visual appeal. It’s the difference in getting the full article read and understood, or left as a partially digested piece that never delivers.

If you are producing articles with more than, say, a few hundred words, you should look to diversify how they look and come across by using more visual appeal. Not sure how? Let’s take a look at this example and see how you can get the right idea.

Getting Smart Image Fits

One of the worst mistakes that you can make is having a blog image that feels like Goliath on a David-sized page. Make sure that your images are not only fitting in terms of theme, but that they fit on the page itself. An image should be a supporting factor, not some garish over-bearing feature that feels like it takes up more space than it really should.

Topical Collection

Also, ensure that the images fit in a visual sense. Do they fit the colour scheme of what is going on around them? Are the images a good representation of what you want to say – even indirectly? If you just use them because you can, or because they look cool, you are making a pretty drastic mistake.

To help you get around that problem, use images that fit with the content.

Showcase Your Point

Another major part of a good blog is that the images showcase the point. If you are writing a How To article, then show a rough idea of what needs to go into each step. From the ingredients included to the angle that you need to cut something at, you can use the power of visual detail to really add that extra layer of detail, understanding and education into every piece that your website uses to try and inform people or excite them.

Maintain Consistency

One of the worst mistakes that you can make, too, is a blog that feels all over the place in terms of content consistency. Images across topics need to feel consistent. If you are going to go for a still-life, authentic representation then that is fine. Don’t start throwing in cartoon drawings, GIFs or memes in there at the same time, though.

Make sure that the image style as well as the theme work well together. It has to be a consistent and relatively detailed range of imagery that you try and put into place: life becomes so much simpler when you just begin to maintain a greater sense of consistency in the blog imagery that you use.

While this can take a fair bit of planning and editing to get around and understand, there is no reason why thanks to the simple ideas above that you cannot get a visually appealing, authentic blog.

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