Creating Video Content for Clients? 4 Reasons to Increase Your Fees

It's not unusual for a website developer to create video content for their clients. Since most marketing tasks can be learned online, services like content marketing, creating infographics, search engine optimization, and creating videos have slowly made their way onto a client’s list of expectations.

There’s nothing wrong with providing extra services for your web clients. In fact, providing additional services is a great way to make some extra cash. The only problem is undervaluing yourself by not charging enough for your services.

Are you hesitant to increase your rates when creating video content for your web clients? Here are 4 reasons a rate increase is both essential and deserved.

1. Video content is a revenue-generating asset

As a professional web developer, you don’t just build websites – you create assets designed to generate leads and sales for your clients long-term. Anyone can “build a website” using a free editor online like Weebly, but only an authentic designer can create a website as a true asset for a client.

Revenue-generating assets are worth more than a simple hourly rate. Much like the cost of buying a business is based on its expected ROI, you should be charging clients based on their website’s expected ROI. Well, the same applies to videos.

Why videos are revenue-generating assets

Like websites, videos are marketing tools and marketing tools are designed to generate income. A business owner can potentially generate an infinite amount of revenue from just one video. For instance, one video can simultaneously generate ad revenue on YouTube and Vimeo. That same video can be included in a library of videos packaged and sold as resources. The same video can also be used on high converting landing pages to generate leads and sales for an unlimited amount of time.

With one video being used for multiple and ongoing revenue-generating purposes, it only makes sense to charge your clients more than a simple hourly fee.

2. Convenience is worth money to clients

Not all products and services are priced based on material value or the time it took to produce. Sometimes higher prices stem from convenience, which is the real product being sold.

If a client asks you to create video for them, they’re basically wanting to pay for the convenience of not having to find a video production company or freelance editor. It can be cumbersome for clients to vet every freelancer they find. Although there are benefits to hiring a professional video production company, not all clients need the specific expertise offered by a production house.

Do you like the idea of offering video services to your clients? Depending on how much work you want to do, you can provide two different levels of services.

If you’re willing to shoot the video footage for the client, according to Promo.com’s calculations, you can get some basic video editing equipment and software for around $1,100. The other option is to simply use Promo.com’s online video creation service to make professional videos without the expense or extra work.

3. Clients find working with multiple people bothersome

Many clients prefer working with as few people as possible. They prefer a shorter chain of command and just want one person to report to.

Creating videos for your clients relieves them of having to work with multiple freelancers or multiple businesses. Many clients are willing to accept a simpler end result in exchange for this simplicity.

4. Clients just want you to get the job done

It might sound surprising, but many clients are perfectly happy with basic videos and want to pay you to get it done. If you’ve been a developer for a while, you probably know that plain and “ugly” websites convert better than visually stunning, complex websites. People like simple and simple works.

Clients who don’t want a fancy production with special effects for entertainment purposes know they can expect to pay their developer far less than a professional video editor. However, they also understand that video requires more work for a designer.

In the end, clients want you to get the job done. If you’re working with clients you’ve known for a while, their preference for your services will secure your ability to charge a reasonably higher rate for your video production services.

Make video production worth your time

Raise your rates to make video production worth your time and you’ll generate additional income and gain some extra portfolio material.

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