Web Design Basics Design Principles How to Convert Visitors into Customers Using a Landing Page?

How to Convert Visitors into Customers Using a Landing Page?

Leading a business nowadays is certainly not an easy task. This has become even more difficult since in the modern world, almost every business needs to go online and create exceptional experience website design for the users by crafting an effective digital marketing campaign. Well, if you are also new to the online business world, you can gather and turn visitors into customers by simply using a funnel process of a landing page. There are a number of factors to consider when designing a landing page for converting visitors into clients. Let's have a look at those factors.

Provide a giveaway

Provide a free PDF or a product demo to give your customers the chance to see if your product meets their expectations. Many landing pages now operate like this, by a giveaway in exchange for a single email address given on the behalf of the visitor. What you give away obviously has most to do with what you are trying to sell, but make sure that people can try your product prior to purchasing it. This will increase the chance for you to increase profits and for them to be satisfied when they purchase the product. If you decide to go with the PDF option, make sure that it really concerns what your audience needs. If it does not, there is a big chance that the customers will leave your website and continue searching for a better giveaway offer from your competition.

Write a great headline

Do not rush while creating your headline. Take the showcasing of the benefits of your products as the primary factor in this procedure. If you manage to create a good headline on your landing page it should improve the overall success of your digital marketing campaign.

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Pay special attention to the bullet points since they would have to be catchy. If people get bored from your website, they will leave your landing page. The headline and the bullet points have the purpose of convincing the reader that what you offer is worth having. If you are more specific about what you are saying, it can help you increase website's credibility in general and make them your regular customers.

Choose the right image

The image you use should depend on the style of the landing page itself. Make sure to choose an image that will be realistic and appealing to the visitors. The image and the website design are what catch the eye of the customer in the first place and it is the first step to keep them engaged on your website.

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Your opt-in form

Make sure to dedicate more time to the opt-in form and access it in terms of the different factors and components such as the number of form field contained in the opt-in form.

Study your competition

The conversion rate can be greatly increased if the competition is studied carefully. A user who is searching for a particular service looks into many options, and, therefore, knowing your competition is very important. After all, it does not take much time to look into a couple of pages. Every webmaster should transfer the advantages of their competition to their own website and try not to make the mistakes they noticed in the pages of their completion.

Split testing

Split testing is a very important part of digital marketing campaign that is done after the landing page is created. This is the point where you adjust elements that should boost the number of visitors who enter their email address on the page. When split testing, remember to make big changes, not small, unnoticeable changes. If you decide to make a small change, make sure to change one thing at the time. If your website is new, there is a big chance that a small change will change a lot. It is very important not to change the bullet points and the headline at the same time.

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Turn subscribers into customers

You have not done a successful job until you find a way of turning the visitors who subscribed to your website into customers. This, of course depends on the business you are leading. Sometimes it is a good idea to get subscribers on the phone and ask them about their experience. In this way, you will be able to help them deal with the doubts they have about your product. If you do not feel comfortable doing this or think that a phone call is not good for your business, you might send people a carefully crafted email that provides value and builds goodwill. You could even create an email sequence of more than 2 emails, where you send an offer email every third or fourth email.

It does not solely depend on the number of emails being sent, but also on their content. Make sure to create an easy, understandable and interesting content. This should give you the right to send more emails later. Check out your competition to get a sense of the approaches they have used and work for them. In this way, you will also get the chance to see how they present their offers in front of the customers.

A well-created landing page means a success of your digital marketing campaign and your online business. The abovementioned tips should help you get a sense of what you have to do to improve the look of your site, but the main choices should always be done carefully and depending on the business you are leading. If you want your landing page to turn a profit for you, you need to have a great giveaway and a process for converting leads. You could of course, choose from the two strategies we mentioned: the auto responder sequence or the phone call, again depending on your business' style.

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