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This tutorial will show you how to combine two photos into a surreal looking scene of one image projected onto another.
This tutorial will teach you a method to change the color of specific items within a photograph.
In this tutorial I will show you how to convert an image into what it looks like when you are looking through a surveillance camera (like in the movies). This effect is very simple, yet highly effective.
Learn how to add a snowstorm effect to all your holiday photos. Very real looking end result!
Learn how to transform any new image, into a classic photograph, like the ones you would find in your grandmothers photo album.
Learn how to digitally "dye" your hair, same outcome as real coloring, without the use of disgusting chemicals.
Learn how to convert any simple photograph into a "natural" beauty.
Learn how to enhance your images. You wouldn't believe how much the "mood" of the image changes the photo.
Learn how to give yourself a nice golden glowing tan without the risk of skin cancer.
Learn how to make yourself look more muscular in your photos.