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A quick way to make a dramatic 'Dark Eye' from a regular stock image using some blend modes, gradients and a little brushing.
A beginners tutorial on Duotones. This tutorial is wrote for most anyone with little photoshop knowledge to understand.
In this tutorial I'm going to briefly show you the animation feature in Photoshop by creating a sun coming over the mountain.
Immortalize you signature on any surface. Feel yourself great.
Concept artist Primoz Vodusek aka Ds33d shows you how to create a lifelike water reflection using Photoshop's clone stamp and displace filter.
In this tutorial digital artist Shelley Bergen will show you the making-of process of one of her images called "Into The Depths".
In this tutorial I'm going to show you a few quick steps to create a stamp with your photos or artwork.
Brightening and removing grain from an old photo.
Forget about mass conservation law. Magic is not that hard as you might think. Learn how to make things disappear.
A quick way to create white eyes and skin.