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No wonder why Photoshop chose a feather to be its shortcut image. Creativity, web design and art are the words I think of when I see it.
A great tutorial for people who are about to build a house in a place of their dreams. You can see whether it will be in harmony with surrounding environment before works start.
In this tutorial you will learn how to properly replace objects in images to create a believable switch - in this case the basketball with planet Earth with realistic shadows. You will learn about selections, transformations, shadow creation and more.
This tutorial shows you a step-by-step walktrough in the making of one of his images called "Thinking Egg Broken".
A detailed guide to using Adobe's Camera RAW plugin to successfully develop your digital negatives.
Digital artist Domen Lombergar shows you the ways to achieve professional results and have ultimate control in this fashion retouching tutorial.
How to tell with a quick look at a histogram display whether an image is correctly exposed and contrasting.
How to turn a color photograph into a sepia toned/antique image without loosing depth or definition.
For this tutorial you won't need any real canvas or paint. You won't need a real brush or some necked dude posing for you. All you need is a computer and some basic knowledge of Photoshop.
How to convert RGB images to infrared in a few simple steps.