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A few quick steps to achieving an animal skin text effect.
In this tutorial I am going to show you a quick way to do embroidery looking text, this technique can also be used for borders and logos to make patches.
Digital artist Shelley Bergen gives you an in-depth making of one of the faces in "Tempus Fugit". You will be learning the insider techniques of air brushing, blending and burning.
This tutorial will teach you how to paint an almighty snow dragon in Photoshop.
Ever wanted to have a painting in your living room? Now you can have one keeping the brushes dry and your wallet untouched.
Don't buy expensive cameras. No need to seek for beautiful models. Photoshop is the modern solution of high quality modern photography.
In this tutorial, we will exercise on drawing rocks, stones, cliffs or anything made of stone.
Create nifty looking 3d metal balls in Photoshop without any additional plugins.
Let's begin! Draw something on paper, anything. At the beginning keep it simple, a sketch or a simple drawing. Scan the image and save it as *.tif...
Learn how to create 3D looking graphs.