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This tutorial will help you to create a retro grid background.
This photoshop tutorial will teach you how to create halftone effect.
Need quick layer style that lets you apply multiple strokes (outlines) to a text or shape within Photoshop. Even though this is really simple in Illustrator via the Appearance Palette it's not so straight forward...
Learn how to create a halftone effect in Photoshop.
This tutorial will teach you how to create diamond plate pattern with Adobe Illustrator.
I'm sure you've seen tackle twill on a hoodie before. It's a widely used embroidery technique that involves sewing down nylon twill to a garment with zig zag stitching. This tutorial will show you how to simulate a tackle twill look with Illustrator's Appearance palette.
<span>Editor's Pick of January, 2009</span><br />Enticing banners is a great lure for potential visitors. Make sure you know how to draw attractive ones to keep the web design of the publisher clean and user-friendly.