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Many people have asked me how i got index2.php?page=link
Basically what happens, is where ever the folllowing code is put on your main php page, is where the the page link.php will go.
This is a really 2 file way of making a unique hit counter.
If you make a new file called counter.txt and just type the number 1 on the first line.
This is simply going to teach you how to do your navigation like the one from our site.
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, June 2006
This is a great tutorial that will show you how to achieve the results of ASCII artist by using some sneaky little tricks of the trade with Photoshop.
Making retro dots with photoshop takes a long time, getting the marquee tool and cutting away and adding bits... Well, now you will learn how to do it automatically with the actions tool!
How many times have you tried putting someone's head on someone else's body? Possibly to make them look buff and big?
Create some bubbly green jelly green text (All images in this tutorial have been scaled down greatly.
You ever stuck for making a logo shape for your website? Yea, it is kinda hard... here's a technique that will give you a different one.. every time!
Just your ordinary plastic button... but easier.
This is a pretty difficult tutorial and expects you to know the basics+ of photoshop as every step is not written in great amounts of detail.