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We are going to show the most characteristic uses of code ActionScript in the different objects existing in Flash 8. This way we'll understand it better and why not: we'll save much effort having many of the already prepared codes here to use in our movies.
The ActionScript is the programming language that Macromedia Flash has used from the very beginning, and that Flash 8 uses too. In general, we can say that the ActionScript will allow us to make everything what we propose with Flash 8, since it gives absolute control over everything related to a Fla...
Before we try to publish our movie to show it to others, especially at a Web page where the size of download is vital, we must consider the following aspects:
If the shape and motion tweenings don't seem enough to you, and you want to make more complex animations, you can combine motion tweenings with the effects and transformations of symbols.
When what we want is not to change the position of an object on the stage, but rather its shape in a progressive way (or both of them simultaneously), Flash provides us the technique of the Shape Tweening, that consists, simply, in transforming the outline of the object created...
Flash 8 is a program oriented mainly to the animation that is the aim of this unit. However, to continue creating more and more complex animations, beyond all, it's needed a lot of practice.
What's a graphic?
The Graphics are symbols that allow us to represent static objects and simple animations.
The Symbols come from objects that we've created using the tools that Flash 8 provides us.
The symbols of type Button contribute mostly in the interaction between Flash movies and the user. In Flash, a button is just as any button of any computer environment; Web or any other.
A Movie Clip is a movie, like any of which we can have created until now in this tutorial, but this one is included within another movie and at the same time it can contain movies inserted in itself.