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Independently of our working with animation, at the web page, at the catalogue for CDRoms or in any other place, we will have to work with objects.
Everybody has seen sometimes how the sketchers of cartoons work. And all we've seen how they place a semitransparent leaf with drawings on others and the superposition of all composes the final drawing. Why do they not draw everything on a same leaf?
Who would be able to see a mute movie? And a spectacular animation without sound?
Unill recently, the only sounds that we heard on the web pages were the famous "midis", of scanty size and poor quality.
Flash provides everything that we might need to create an animation, and, hence, also all that is related to the texts. However, Flash was conceived to create graphic animations, in such a way that it will treat any text as if it were one more object, prepared to be animated if that's what you want...
Flash 8 counts with the most handy and intuitive environment or working interface. Moreover it has an advantage because it is similar to other Macromedia programs, it makes easier to assuming Flash, and faster its management and control. We will see this after opening Flash 8 for the first time:
Design passes through many phases when designing web page or an animation. After the phase of "What do I want to create and how is it going to look", normally, the phase of graphic design comes up. Realize what your imagination has produced on the paper (in this case on the paper of Flash).
One of the main characteristics of Flash 8 is its simplicity, the straightforwardness in its use allows to create animations in a effective and quick way.
Editor's Pick in Flash Tutorials, September 2006
This excellent article is an introduction to Flash 8. The author explains the values of Flash 8 and how it can be used. The improvements of this latest technology are well portrayed and the author gives coding for some applications a...