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This tutorial shows how to create a popular break-out or pop-out of the frame effect on your photo. The effect is not particularly difficult to achieve and is very good for creating a very strong feeling of motion.
This tutorial is about intensifying colors and making the image brigter with the Photoshop Selective colors.
This time we are making a text that is burning with fire. The procedure includes the use of some filters, color modes, and a color palette application.
Sometimes our lens distorts the perspective in the image.
You can easily correct perspective distortions of an image using the Adobe Photoshop Crop tool.
Another effect that might be useful in the unfolding season. We are creating the effect of icy text.
The effect you'll learn to use in this tutorial helps to intensify the idea of motion and at the same time creates a new background void of unnecessary detail. The tool used is the simple Radial Blur Filter.
In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial we'll show how to make a poster with the look of the 70's colored poster or an old newsprint photograph in the shades of grey. The main effect used in the process is Threshhold.
In this tutorial we are creating text made of glass. to produce the effect we'll need some image or texture for background. I used the photo of a winter park.
In this tutorial inspired by the coming Christmass season, you will learn to create glass orbs, put objects into them, and insert the orbs themselves into background.
In this tutorial we are producing a statue, using a picture of a woman, a marble texture, and Photoshop with its layers options.