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This free Adobe Photoshop tutorial shows how to add realistically looking fog into the image.
Whether you've made a selection by Photoshop tools or used a plug-in you'd want your selection to look nice and smooth on a new background. If the edges of the selected image were not softened or feathered during the process of selection you may shade them in Photoshop.
Many times you could find yourself in a situation when you found a nice object for your picture but the background is not perfect. The object you can cut out but then you'll need a new background for it.
This tutorial will show you how to make a pop-art style poster with an image of a girl.
In this tutorial you will see the process of creating a cutout of a complex image containing tracery objects and transparencies in an Adobe Photoshop MaskPro 4 plug-in.
There's one really easy and striking effect you can achieve in PhotoShop. The effect puts forward a part of your image by leaving it colored versus to the uncolored background. As with many effects it can be reached through various paths. Here's one of them.
This is a tutorial for a very quick and simple effect that can yet make the photo more interesting. The effect artifically reproducess the look produced by a Lomo camera.
Here's a very simple photoshop effect achieved by the use of a layer linear dodge blending mode. In this tutorial we dramatically singled out a face leaving out its silhouette on a white background.
In this tutorial we will change hair color from dark to light, from chestnut to blond and adjust the model's appearance to the new hair color, too.
In this tutorial you will see howyou can curve some words on a wooden surface by the means of Adobe Photoshop.