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Editor's Pick in HTML and CSS, April 2006
This is a great tutorial that will teach you everything that you have ever wanted to know about CSS. It’s definitely worth a look.
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, April 2006
Just imagine how great it would be to be able to create your own Web banners. This tutorial will take you step by step through the entire process. Give it a try!
Learn an effective way of blending multiple images.
Create a cool looking liquid gold effect!
Learn how to make a really cool looking flashy portal effect! Very Easy Method!
Learn how to create a simple metallic text effect using blending options in Photoshop.
Learn how to design a very basic Rounded content box interface.
Use your text tool to type something. I typed Text . Duplicate the layer. Click Edit->Transform->Flip Vertical . Click Rasterize Layer on the vertically inverted layer. Drag the text right below the normal text. Lower the layer opacity to 60% .
Learn how to design a trendy twisted abstract in Maxon Cinema 4D!
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, April 2006
We all love the cool little buttons that Macs use to navigate around their programs. Learn to create your own unique “Mac style” buttons with this great tutorial.