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This tutorial will show you what the metal ball modeling object is used for in Cinema 4D.
1: Ok, lets start with a blank document, 300x100 px with a WHITE background.
2: Select your rectangular Marquee Tool with a fixed size of 200x40 px.
First get your background and everything done:
Now get the stock or image that you want to use. Try to get one that has close color scheme to your background. Then Put it where ever you want:
Create a rain water drop effect much like the ones that you see on windshields of cards when driving through the rain.
This tutorial will show you how to create an awesome abstract plasma wave effect. This effect is great for making transparent 3D waves.
This tutorial will teach you an advanced feature of the Liquify filter that allows users to only liquify parts of their image while retaining others.
This tutorial will show you an easy way to make an outstanding metallic text effect similar to the ones used in the Need For Speed Underground Games.
Learn an easy way to make real looking water.
Choose the pen tool and make sure you have those settings:
Make a new layer. Put it above all the other layers. Pick a point where ever you want. I picked here:
<span>Editor's Pick in Web Programming, April 2006</span><br/>Check out this great tutorial to find out all the details of Content Management Systems (CMS). Everything you need to know is right here.