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This could be handy for examples, previews or pop-up images. This technique is simple and nice to use once you get the hang of it...
Had enough of those Ipod's? Just wanna make a simple, yet stylish mp3-player? Follow this tutorials and in a few steps, you're done...
The force is with you on your way of constuction your own personalised lightsaber! Choose your own color or hilt!
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, May 2005
Learn how to create the one handheld that can play DVD's and can be used to play various games at a really high detail... Gotta love it!
Learn how to make the Double-Screened Mayham, wich can be used for touch-games and other VERY funny games that will guaranteed to make you laugh...
Color a home-made drawing with the pen-tool. This is an excellent tutorial for the people who scanned their pencil-drawings...
Whoever played Kotor2 knows what this tutorial is about. Turn your lovely family-members or friends into infamous sith like Darth Maul. This does require a bit of PS-skill ;)
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, May 2005
Make your text shine like polished metal in many different colors, using Image-Ready!
This effect is kinda new, but is sure is really good. Again, use Image-ready to animate this satin!
Create this stone-like granite tablet that looks realistic. Very suitable for websites and forum-buttons!