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Make a new document, 1000x1000 pixels, black background.
Now add a mud texture in your document, like mine or close.
Hit CTRL+I (Command+I on Macintosh) to inverse the colors. You'll see later that this will add more realism to the effect.
Make a new document, 1000x1000 pixels with white background.
On a new layer, using the Rectangular Marquee tool, make a shape for the front of the product, like in the example below. Fill it with black.
With the rectangular marquee tool still selected, right click on the selection...
Make a new document 1000x1000 with black background.
Using the text tool, write whatever you want with white color (I am using "photoshop" for this tutorial) with Arial black 100 pt. Right click on it and choos "Rasterize type"
Select a dark gray (#2f2f2f) for your foreground color...
Create a new document, 1000x1000 (I usually use this resolution) white background.
Using the rectangular marquee tool, create a square and fill it with gradient. I used Linear gradient, #0562ff to white. Right click and select "Layer via copy".
Open your image you want to make sepia. Here is mine:
Now using any selection tool you want (I used lasso tool and deleted the unwanted part - you can use extract tool, color range, anything that suits you), remove the parts you don't want. It's possible that you skip this step. Here is min...
Make a new layer, 1000x1000 pixels, black background <br/> With the type tool, write whatever you want. I used Arial Black, 120 pixels. Now go to the layers palette and right click on the type layer and rasterize it. <br/> Now CTRL+Click on the newly rasterized layer to bring up the selection...
Make a new document, 1000x1000 pixels, white background.
Now open the map you did in the previous tutorial and import it in this document.
With magic wand remove all the white in the map layer. Now, if you turn off the background layer, your image should look like this:
Start with a new document, 1000×1000 pixels white background.
On a new layer, using the rectangle marquee tool, draw a rectangle as big as you want the map to be. I used around 750×750 pixels. Fill it with #F4E7C4 color
Go to Filter>Texture> Texturizer and apply these settings...
This tutorial is to help you learn how to create the illusion of motion blur as easily as possible using masks and filters. This technique works great with pretty much any kind of sports photo. Open an image with a car. I have chosen a static image to demonstrate better the effect of motion.
Make a new document, 1000x1000 pixels, white background.
Be sure to have your foreground color black and background color white. Press "D" key to set them like this (default settings).
Now go to Filters>Render>Clouds.