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In this tutorial we'll create nice buttons for the web page.
Start by opening a new file. Using pen tool create a button shape.
Double click the button layer to open layer style window. Apply drop shadow, bevel&emboss, satin and stroke. Use setings as shown.
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, March 2006
The process of creating this logo is rewarding in itself letting you enjoy an unusual visual effect. Check to see it with your own eyes.
Start by opening a new file. Fill the background with a dark color.
Press D to get default B&W colors as foreground and background color. From filter menu select render>>clouds.
From filter menu select render>>difference clouds.
Open your image. Here is mine: (Note: try to have a photo that already have a rainy athmosphere...)
Now duplicate the layer and on the top layer, go to Filter > Noise > Add noise. Put 200% amount, gaussian, monochromatic.
In this tutorial we'll illuminate a normal room shot with some colored light.
Start by opening a new file. Using gradient tool, fill the background with dark brown to green color. We used radial gradient.
From custom shape tool select ornament 2 shape and create with some different color.
Change the color mode to multiply.
Taking pictures of a landscape with your camera is one thing and actually painting a landscape is another thing. Every now and then you get a feeling "what if i could paint this great landscape on a canvas".
One of the lesser known facts about photoshop is its ability to automatically place many instances of an image on a single page. This technique comes handy when you need to have a number of copies of a particular photograph.
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, March 2006
Bring color to the dull black and white world! Learn to colorize pictures with our tutorial.
First of all, what you should know is that the standard measures for a business card are these: Width: 3.75 inches and 2.25 inches Height. Be careful not to forget to put a 300DPI resolution, the minimum DPI for printing purpose. So let's create a document with these specifications.
Now go t...