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Increase contrast and saturation without overexposing the image.
Editor's Pick in Photo Editing, March 2005
Most people don't have perfectly white teeth and it can sometimes turn into the center of attention in a photograph. This tutorial will teach you how to make teeth whiter.
Learn how to use the Solarize filter to reduce shadows and make an image more equalized.
Correct the vertical and horizontal perspectives of your photographs.
Learn how to brighten images without overexposing bright areas using a pen tablet.
Increase contrast and saturation of skies using a gradient adjustment layer without underexposing dark areas.
Sharpening shadows reveal details without sharpening highlights. Clouds and light coloured skins remain soft while dark areas are sharper and more visible.
Easily correct the temperature of any photograph. Fixing the temperature will also slightly fix the white balance and exposure.
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, March 2005
Remove dithering from images and GIF files.
Sometimes images with a really bright spot makes the rest of the image underexposed. The most common way of fixing this is to use duplicate one or more layers with a screen blending mode...