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Simulate the custom white balance feature found in digital cameras.
Turn everyday pictures to professional portraits.
Add colour to black and white photographs.
Equalize the saturation of your image so that saturated areas are desaturated and unsaturated areas are saturated.
Although reducing shadows using the Shadows/Highlights tool creates a more dramatic effect, Automatic Shadows will not create any halos.
Traditional methods of increasing saturation increases saturation of the whole image. By using a layer mask, neutral areas such as rocks, cement and water will say neutral while the other areas are saturated.
Create stunning 3D text quickly and easily.
Using the "Radial Blur" filter, create glowing text.
Use this effect to create your own 3D translucent text. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use four layers and one filter to create a 3D translucent text.
1. Create a new document (Ctrl+N) and render a clouds filter (Filters> Render> Clouds).<br/> 2. Duplicate the layer and set the top layer to "Overlay".<br/> 3. On the "Background" layer, apply a fibers filter (Filters> Render> Fibre) with the following properties:...