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Using a series of submitted images as guides, this tutorial looks at creating high contrast black & white images as a vehicle of communicating subject relationships.
This tutorial shows us in this video tutorial how to make a Chrome Text Effect in adobe Photoshop.
Learn how to obtain the best from the most powerful selection tool in Photoshop.
A great tip from the Photoshop guys showing how to create a great self-contained animation using Photoshop.
A really nice-looking effect to use in PhotoShop is to mask the background image into foreground text. There are a number of ways of doing this in PhotoShop, and I will show you one of them.
Great video tutorial that shows you 2 Techniques for slimming the body and face using Adobe photoshop.
In this tutorial learn how to make an animation with guides movement, animation final presents a butterfly flying.
This short video tutorial shows how to create the look of a polaroid transfer in Photoshop.
We will show you how to change your hair color or add streaks and highlights using Adobe Photoshop.
Making a "perfect woman" composition by merging models. Starting with a base of a Kate Beckinsale picture. And using elements of Diana Kruger, Jessica Alba, Joanna Krupa and Salma Hayak.