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Adobe Photoshop CS3 tutorial basic that teaches you how to retouch an image in very simple steps.
This video tutorial shows us how to create a proffesional looking navigation menu in Photoshop!
Mark Crilley presents a tutorial on copying and pasting art in Photoshop to save time redrawing characters.
An Photoshop CS3 Tutorial (also works with CS2) about how to doing a glowing cryst text effect.
Create a tutorial to show you how to make a animated button that sends you to a URL (link).
This tutorial shows you how to make your own start/stop button for an animated sequence.
The following tutorial walks you step by step to reach the teeth of a Blanquer beautiful young lady.
This tutorial explores the basic steps for painting realistic hair in photoshop.
Here is how to combine two spectacular programs (Illustrator and Photoshop), combining these programs designed a logo with 3D effects.
Photo manipulation Photoshop video tutorial which shows how to mix two animals to create an entirely new.