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Style up your signatures, forum-graphics or navigation-boxes with this easy-to-do Stylish Metal Border-tutorial!
If you're into random effects, you NEED to go and see this tutorial!
Ever wondered how I made those navigation-boxes? Here's your chance to find out!
This whole text is copyright of Google© and I used it only to show this technique. You may not use this for professional use. Only personal...
For the café that never sleeps... Use this neon-effect to add to your text with any effort...
Edit your pictures or photo's with giving them this nice grunge-burn-effect!
Transform your blurry, low-quality photo's into heavenly soft, detailed pictures!
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, April 2005
Add make-up to someone without it!
1. Open up a picture of a random person;
2. Select the eyes and copy them onto a new layer; Make them heaven-blue by pressing CTRL+U;...
Add realism to your graphics when you give your shadowless figures a shade!
Learn how to create this realistic-lookin' reflection for water-surfaces or other wet surfaces...