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In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to draw the famous Homer Simpson from the famous TV show "The Simpsons" using the pen tool.
Learn how to make creepy photo effect using Filter Effects and some Brushes.
Learn how to make a classic RSS Feed icon with a unique style.
Draw a couple of squiggly vertical lines making sure you leave the one on the left longer than the one on the right.
We'll start by working on the image below.
From image menu select "Adjustments>>Replace Color".
Learn how to create a simple navigation bar with some dark colors in a few steps. Easy to do.
Learn how to make a text follow a path created with the pen tool and other tools.
You will be creating a chalkboard background, realistic board like on most chalkboards now-a-days, and some chalk text. First and for most, create a new document and size it at 400x300 pixels with a transparent background.
What I will be demonstrating in this tutorial is how to crop a image. Very basic tool for you to keep in mind when working with photos. All we have to do basically is grab the main attention out of the image and display it in a more wider position.
Create a navigation bar with a unique Vista Style.