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In this video, we will cover using channels to cleanly cut out complex hair selections of both brunette and blonde hair on a studio style background and an outdoor scene.
This tutorial shows how to create a starburst effect in Photoshop.
The basics of creating and applying your own photoshop action.
In this tutorial you will earn how to use the Match color feature of Photoshop which lets you change an objects color to match that of another.
Bumping up Saturation on key areas, using USM to clarify & sharpen, using the Surface Blur filter, low opacity airbrushing , and the Texturizer filter, can turn an ordinary portrait photo into a work of art.
Finding and using the calibration tool that ships with Adobe softare. Get Adobe gamma to work on vista as well.
Using Layer Masks to adjust portions of your image or photo.
The basics of the hue and saturation adjustments in Photoshop.
Changing individual portions of an image by using the selective color tools.
Using the color balance adjustment layer to adjust colors in images.