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Having developed from a blogging tool into a publishing platform, Wordpress continues improving its features based on the most usable aspects of modern life and needs.
The year of 2011 is almost over and it is the very time to look at its results and achievements. So, let me offer you the most creative and original Photoshop tutorials 2011.
Today type is one of the most used elements of the web.That is why it plays a very important role in the process of web site creation and is worth of a certain attention
Winter holidays are staying in front of our doors and it is the very time to think about the gifts that we can choose for our friends and relatives
Photoshop patterns can be of a great help, being able to become a perfect background of your design. Repeated images are united in unique ornamental textures that can create a certain atmosphere and to emphasise the main details.
The very informative resource will be of a great use for your creative working process, being able to answer all your questions and to increase your CSS knowledge level.
Inspiration, or a sudden creativity - it is what needs a constant resource or even several ones in order to be able to discover all its artistic potential and present world with fresh and new ideas.
A useful variety of free fonts that differ in their forms, size and practical meaning, being able to make your work original and unique one and to create a special atmosphere by means of word form united with a word meaning
I would like to offer you 10 Business templates that differ in their design, styles and usage purpose, but you will surely like them. They are made with the implementation of a wide color range - from grey and restrained colors to fresh green and rich violet, being able to meet various demands and requirements and to reflect your business nature in a proper way.
Look through and try to make the most of the proposed material, choosing those resources, articles or freebies that you consider can be reliable assistants for your work