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Any program you work with needs a certain knowledge base to be successful and productive one and knowledge of keyboard shortcuts will really help you to build up your working speed
There is a certain type of proportion that is considered to be an ideal one which can cause some natural sense of order, harmony, balance and comfort - it is the Divine proportion or the Golden Ratio (often referred to as the Greek letter phi). Nowdays this proportion causes not less interest in the sphere of web design.
Parallax scrolling is one of the coolest effects that features layered images that move around the website at different speeds/perspectives creating a nice and interesting 3D illusion of depth and a feeling of immersion
You are offered a totality of useful resources for web design that will be able to simplify your work, and to adapt your images for the following usage by means of other devices without destroying their structure.
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The very informative resource proposes you to find out all the latest tendencies in the world of modern techniques. iPad Apps For Designers will manage to discover a new sides of reality before your creative vision, performing a bright and impressive role of inspiration and, in the same time, being of a great practical value.
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Here is an awesome collection of the best September Photoshop tutorials. You will get a chance to bring a part of your inner world to the reality, enriching it with fresh colors and editing it with new features.