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To keep flash file small hence loaded faster to the client's PC, usually developers prefer to dynamically load photos from external source. This simple and easy to follow flash tutorial will guide you through.
There are several flash easing technique available on the web. This flash easing tutorial guide aims to explain to you a simple and basic flash easing technique.
This is a flash basic for beginner series. It focuses on the two modes of flash arrow tool namely curved mode and corner mode. This is a beginner guide series for flash mx, flash mx 2004 and flash 8.
Editor's Pick in Flash Tutorials, June 2007
This tutorial will show you how Macromedia Flash Email Actionscript Validation is done. The six steps listed here are well written for even a begiiner. Each step also has picture or screenshot if needed for a quick progress check.
Flash Slider or flash slideshow tutorial will teach you how to create cool photo sliding with easing effect. Combine with other flash photos tutorial, you will create an amazing flash photo gallery.
Learn how to use Actionscript to turn a static text into a radomize text effect. A simple flash tutorial which would help you understand various flash actionscripts such as setInterval methods.
Macromedia Flash Trace() command is a very useful tool for debugging flash movie. This simple flash tutorial guide will explain to you about trace() command.
Wonder what flash getURL is? Why is it important? The only way to find out the answer is to read this flash getURL tutorial. 3 features of flash getURL will be discussed in detail.
In this flash for beginners tips, I'd like to share two methods to embed a flash swf movie in an html file. In addition, I have discuss the importance of the two embeded tags namely <object> and <embed>.
Learn how to create a flash dark night full of bright stars. This is a flash tutorial for beginner serie where there's no actionscript required. The effect of this tutorial is of static effect i.e. with no blinking star.