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This is an actionscript version of flash blinking starry night effect. The actionscript part of this flash blinking starry dark night is not that difficult but the trick to make it a realistic blinking star in a dark night is what counts.
Editor's Pick in Flash Tutorials, June 2007
This article is really good - you will create Flash Loop on Ocean Animation. The author shows you techniques in Flash that you can use to make many motion effects. Directions include good graphics and screenshots.
Flash Shadow Effect is simple flash effect that you could learn how to create one within no time.In this flash shadow effect guide, you would learn how to duplicate a layer and change the setting in the flash property inspector.
This flash tutorial aims at teaching you how to use actionscript to build a flash pattern background. Flash pattern consists of one single pattern background and by making use of duplicateMovieClip actionscript, it is possible to create full background.