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This tutorial will show you how to create a vector diamond necklace and a chain in Illustrator.
Editor's Pick of February, 2010
An entry level tutorial about making a cool character from simplest shapes that a must be bookmarked page in a collection of a novice illustrator.
Editor's Pick of February, 2010
Simple shapes manipulated in Illustrator turn into an easy to recognize and understand icon thats a great alternative to plain words.
Editor's Pick of February, 2010
A really simple effective drawing technique that can evolve into a fun web design mascot creation process for your online priojects.
After recieving many requests of how to create floral brushes in photoshop here is a tutorial , this tutorial has a source psd file with all the shapes in layers as wellas a brushes file which we will be creating by the end of the tutorial.
Editor's Pick of August, 2009
Adobe Illustrator tutorial on how to draw a curlicue style and fancy looking frame while using pretty much only brushes and following the basic techniques.
Good looking envelope icon makes it much easier to find a contact form or your e-mail address. Get some tips on how to draw one.
This little tutorial will show you how to change appear of brushes.
Editor's Pick of December, 2008
A useful to know technique of making flawless backgrounds for you web design or desktop. A 5 sec scroll down will give you an idea of the whole procedure.
I start off by creating a sketch of what i have in mind to create. This is a simple drawing of a medieval castle since i have been working on a vector illustration theme of medieval set i chose this one at the moment...