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An Illustrator heart shape is quite easy to create. Here I will use simple shape of a circle to modify it into a heart shape although it is not too much of a process. But i am going to show it to you step by step so you can easily understand the process of i.....
It seems that illustrator is full of new tools and various elements and more i dig into it more i learn . And it seems every time one more hidden tool is revealed .. Have you heard of envelopes . It seems to be a sister tool of mesh tool . Here is a little bit intro into this so practical tool!!
This tutorials will show you how to use blend tool , pathfinder and expand tool and create a little stamp of your own.The following steps will take you through the process of creating one . If you find any difficulty in achieving any point you can leave a comment at the end of this tutorial.
Recently while creating some filled letterings i was faced this problem of Expanding the fill properly.