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In this tutorial I wanna show you how to apply text on a path you create with the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop CS3.
This is a tutorial explaining how to make a cool looking flame background for your PC desktop.
This tutorial used the brush tool, little by little you get a very realistic zombie effect.
This video photoshop tutorial will teach you how to draw a picture of a woman's silhouette, the steps are very essential to learn.
A short but informative tutorial on how to use Dynamic Brushes.
In this Adobe Photoshop CS3 video tutorial you will learn how to add a lip piercing.
This adobe photoshop video tutorial will show you how to retouch and add digital makeup in a fashion portrait.
This video tutorial will show you how to make 3D text in Photoshop CS3 Extended.
Learn how to create an amazing ligthing effect on a person using 2 images and Photoshop.
This video tutorial will show you how to put borders on photo's siggs avatars anything that you want a border on.