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With the following video tutorial to make a really stunning effect texture dragon.
This is a video on how to make scanlines which you will probably and will usually see on signatures and forums.
How to improve your selection using various tools.
Here you learn how to insert an image of sharks on a text, the effect is to achieve is great.
Use photoshop to add that tan you've always wanted. This is a very basic tutorial.
In this tutorial learn a very basic technique for changing the color of a car.
This pictures were taken and then transformed in Photoshop by me, It was a job for a swimwear Catalogue I was doing.
In this tutorial learn how to work with a range of techniques and thus experiment with different colors, then apply the appropriate color to an illustration.
A tutorial blending 2 pix together using the marquee method ... I don't use this method but it the easiest to learn.
Learn how to create a nice gradient over some text in Adobe Photoshop.