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Create two lines using line tool.
Create more lines using line shape tool.Type some numbers as shown.
Create a wave shape using pen tool or create some 'zigzag' line using brush tool.
Create a rectangle using rectangle shape tool.
Press Ctrl+T. Right Click and select Warp. Select "Flag" from the preset warp shapes. Adjust settings as shown.
Create an ellipse using elliptical shape tool.
Enable "subtract from shape area" at the top bar. Create a circle using elliptical shape tool.
Create a rectangle using rectangular shape tool.
Select direct selection tool and adjust the nodes to distort it.
Learn several techniques by manipulating shape areas to design a cool logo.
This tutorial shows you an array of techniques that you can use in many different ways to create really unique and original graphics with Photoshop. The author makes the steps simple to read with losts of illustrations.
Start by opening an image of room with fireplace.
Create selection of the flames using polygon lasso tool. Press Ctrl+J to copy paste the selection in a new layer.
Start by opening an image of man wearing jacket.
Create selection of the jacket using polygon lasso tool. Press Alt+Ctrl+D to feather the selection. Feather the selection by 3 pixels.
Start by opening some images you want to convert into same color tone. We want to change color tone of images based on the color tone of car image.
Click to enlarge Select the image you want to change color tone. We've selected the first one.
Start by opening an image of a tennis player.
Create an circular selection around the ball using elliptical marquee tool.
Press Ctrl+Shift+J to cut paste the selection into new layer. Hide the layer.